CONNECT2030 The importance of future agility for the Netherlands and its technical sector

To gain and maintain an overview of the most important developments for the Netherlands and the technical sector on the way to 2030, Techniek Nederland, Wij Techniek, ISSO and TVVL conducted a new future outlook study.

From June 2021 to July 2022, TNO and Panteia conducted a study on behalf of the technical sector, supplemented and supported by a team of experts from the sector itself. CONNECT2030 is based on extensive trend analyses, dozens of expert interviews and 6 sounding board sessions with more than 150 experts from organisations within and outside the sector. In this edition, the international perspective and opinions of young people in the Netherlands are given extra attention.

In addition to the overarching theme ‘FUTURE AGILITY’, five themes have been identified that have the greatest impact on the technical sector and its role in the Netherlands as we head towards 2030.

‘Energy everywhere at all times'

About the immense challenge, the careful deployment of all options and the importance of coordination and cooperation.

‘Healthy, clean and safe'

About finding a balance within limits, improving and organising better and the collective awareness of change.

‘Circular world’

About the limits to growth and the opportunities behind this comprehensive challenge.

‘Mature digitalisation’

About digitalisation everywhere, the next acceleration and about joining in or getting left behind.

‘Human capital’

About unprecedented labour shortages, new ways of really enthusing and engaging professionals and about new sources of manpower.

We propose that FUTURE AGILITY plays a central role in the mindset for CONNECT2030. It forms the overarching theme that helps government authorities, organisations and businesses prepare for the inevitable uncertainties presented by complex systems and intertwined challenges. It is about accepting that the future cannot be accurately predicted, but that an organisation can prepare for a very different reality compared to the present world.

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