Scenario 2040 The technical sector’s view on 2040

The scenario study SCENARIO2040 was published in February 2020. The study develops future visions using ideas from both experts and stakeholders, as well as society. The scenarios outline  possible future visions of society in 2040 and the technical sector’s role.

SCENARIO2040 forms a basis for discussion within and between technical sector companies and with other parties, including government agencies, trade associations, educational bodies and chain partners. A discussion on the consequences of innovations, new applications of technology, problems resulting from this and finally, possible solutions - in relation to the outlined scenarios. As the aim is to connect with other sectors, the target group is intentionally more extensive than the technical sector alone.

This research was conducted by Panteia and De Ruijter Strategie on behalf of Techniek Nederland, in collaboration with its strategic partners Wij Techniek, ISSO and TVVL.

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